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IT Infrastructure — Proffessionals in IT Infrastructure
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Oddball Access provide a comprehensive IT networking, ISP rapid deploys, turnkey network infrastructure solution, planning design, supply and installation of your company’s network system.

Any information system relies on a secure and efficient network. From the planning and design stages to the implementation and maintenance of the network environment, Oddball access can provide comprehensive support in order to maximize the performance of your network environment.

Network Planning & Development (LAN/ WAN)

We have experience in design and implementation of Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Wireless LAN networks for multiple locations.
Internet/ VPN Environment Planning and Development
Oddball access is skilled in the design and implementation of internet connectivity such as T1 lines, MPLS and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
Email/ Cloud Solution Implementation
Oddball access can provide full support for Microsoft Exchange, and Cloud Solutions’ implementation.

Security Enhancement Services

Any network has potential risks with viruses, information leakages, unauthorized access from hackers, etc. Vigilance against such threats is top priority for company. Oddball access. can provide anti-virus, and anti-spam solutions as well as patch management and other security measures.

Server/ Storage

Such as database servers, and file servers are the core for information systems. Whether you require a blade server, SAN, or NAS, we can set up and install to your environment.
Hardware, Software and Peripheral Procurement
Oddball access is an authorized reseller of various manufacturers. We can provide at competitive prices equipment such as network equipments (routers, hubs, etc), servers, personal computers, printers, and software for your IT needs.

  • New Data and voice Cable installations
  • Network installations for Server Rooms and data centres
  • Network installations for Offices and Homes
  • We do server room renovations, upgrades and clean ups
  • Full back-up systems like UPS

The most important fact to remember when designing and building your Server Room, is that you cannot compromise here, as this is the heart of your operation, and your network. Saying this, we also know that every business is unique, and have unique design and specification as well as functionality needs.
There are many factors that will influence the design, installation and implementation of your server room.

  • Absolute security for protecting yours – Biometric, or Card Based control, all linked to your security cameras and video monitoring solutions
  • Full design and installations of your Cabinets, Shelving, Cabling, Switches, Fans etc.
  • Cooling solutions for your server room, ensuring that there is no fire hazard, also humidity and dehumidifying control
  • Fire protection, detection and suppression systems
  • Anti-Static and/or raised flooring solutions
  • Fibre backbone
  • Wireless

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ongoing acceleration of BYOD continue to drive the insatiable need for bandwidth. 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless is the critical component in handling this ever increasing demand for more bandwidth, however the entire network must be considered for an exceptional wireless outcome. Let your employees, customers and students enjoy the convenience of a reliable, easy-to-access wireless network with our wireless network solutions. Support business outcomes, keep your network up and running, protect your data and reduce the reduce risk of sub-optimal networks with our infrastructure solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Make the move to the Cloud. To us, cloud is what it delivers security, speed and agility. We’ll help you identify your needs and select a cloud strategy that meets them.

Cloud networking introduces a new way to quickly deploy distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-class network capabilities via an application that reduces capital investment in additional networking equipment. Unlike traditional hardware-based legacy solutions, cloud networking is extremely simple, enabling enterprises to deploy locations in minutes and operate their distributed networks via a cloud-based application, while providing unprecedented levels of centralized control and network visibility.

Unmatched Support

Anyone in your organization can request support with the touch of a Help key. You can upgrade your system automatically with no capital outlay.

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